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Are you looking for a quick and easy way for checking process details from your windows task manager. You should try our OCR service that will find the process names and give you a list with detailed process information relating to each process.

gservice.exe Process information


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This is a process used by a program called (Gizmo). If you have it... then you don't need me to explain what it is. For everyone else... it's a program used to mount virtual drives. I utilize Gizmo to install .iso files that normaly require me to install from a physical DVD or CD. It basically tricks the desired .iso install into thinking it's on an actual DVD or CD, and saves me a lot of DVD's.

I'm not sure you need it running though- depends. This process will boot auto when you simply click on Gizmo. My Gizmo install threw this in the list of mini programs running needlessly with the only purpose of booting up faster I think, (which they do a lot these days.)

Yet, Gizmo does other stuff too that I haven't checked out just yet, and may need to run on O.S. start up if it aranges your virtual drives on Vista or XP, on Boot. Make sure you take note on what Gizmo is doing for you before you make any hasty decisions. Otherwise, if you have problems with this process... Kill it. I personally have no worries, for the way in which I utilize Gizmo. It wont hurt your O.S. for people that use Gizmo as I do.
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