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Welcome to! is one of those usefull sites worth saving in your bookmarks. It provides you with a quick and easy way for checking process details from your windows task manager. Rather than rewriting the process name in search form just take a screen shot of your task manager and upload it to the site. An OCR service will find the process names and give you a list with detailed information relating to each process. So, every time your windows machine is running slow, or you are just confused why so many processes are running in your task manager, remember that there's an easy way to check what they do.
  How to quickly check my Windows processes?

- Open Windows Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC).
- Take screen shot of the Task Manager (Print Scrn).
- Open MS Paint and paste the screen shot (CTRL+V).
- Crop the image to see only task list.
- Save file as *.jpeg, *.png or *.gif.
- Upload the image using the Scan Processes link.
- Wait for the OCR service to finish scanning file.
- Click the highlighted area of the uploaded image.
- Click the process name to view information about it.